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I have been on social media for quite a while but personally not a great fan of it as it can fill your mind will trivia and nonsense at times. Sometimes I post ideas and information on these platforms from time to time. My instagram is linked to my facebook so you can see post from two sources as the same content. I use instagram to learn and be motivated and I post small ideas in bite size. As I have been focusing on books to research and write I have neglected my instagram but time to time you see a few gems and there are many past post.. Here is a recent post below

Learning is a life long adventure and it doesn’t always has to be in a classroom or on a course. I have discovered many amazing things that has inspired me or is still fine tuning my life. So I thought I pass ideas on what I found insightful through different mediums especially in my free time. It could be amazing book , film , documentary, quote anything to expand your perspective and mind. Very often the fun things in life will inspire to improve your life or viewpoints. A plug from my website now , as I post most things on my website 2020- learning every week there is always new stuff on there and you can have free email updates on my projects and new ideas.