Express and Remember by Journaling

What’s really helped me to be more focused and to have a productive day is by journaling. Researching and learning a few tips from different experts I have adjusted it to my own needs. There are many benefits from this exercise because it helps you to maximise your potential for the day. Also , the science behind this is , that if you do it first thing when you wake up your brain is at its optimum. So have a go and tweak it to suit your personal needs to have a productive day.

Here are questions I answer to set up my day.

1 How do you feel? Emotionally, Physically and mentally? Maybe ask why?

2 What two activities will energies your day? This is something you enjoy or a job that needs doing to make feel good when you have accomplished it.

3 What’s your Top project for the day? It’s a matter of priority or a on going project. It could be as Simple as taking the kids to the dentist or finishing your tax returns.

4 What are you grateful for. Especially in the last 24 hours , it helps to relive the emotion or it could be something that makes you happy to be alive.

5 What are you Proud (yourself?) Again something you have accomplished in the last 24 hours from getting a job done yesterday. The positive things you were a part of in your life. Even things that you haven’t done, for example resisted that urge to shout at the kids.

6 What is your number one goal in your life? Could be looking for a new relationship or a new job or reducing your debts.

7 What area of your life can you grow as a spiritual person? Could it be the quality of kindness to others.

8 If I have extra time today what would I do? A hobby, a phone call, or that house work you haven’t done yet.

9 Affirmations. Write down positive things what you will think about or do today. For example, I will spend time with my children today. Or you could say I will show kindness to myself by taking time out and reading for a while.

10 How can I be more resourceful? That could be money , your time , your energy.

11 What new thing could I do today? Researching that question you didn’t know. Try a new experience from food , people or something you have not done for a while.

12 When and how much time will I schedule for my quiet time? This could be meditation or just simple quiet time reflecting or relaxing in total silence.

13 How can I show that I love my body today? Listen to your body, rest , exercise, what healthy food can I eat today ? No alcohol , no meat, no coffee no sugar or even have smaller portion something show body compassion.

Finally write a brief schedule for the day. This is good because , if you forget during your busy day you can quickly see what needs to be done by your journal.