Single Parent

You are not alone , you will have the joys and lows of being a single parent . Remember your children are your future , despite how daunting the journey appears before you. Take one day at a time , you can get there because you are not alone. There are million of single parents and many of them have been very successful in thier journey.
This section is here to help you with practical suggestions, so you can help your children and others you meet in your journey. Most importantly you need to help yourself as much as you can to succeed.

If you are really struggling don’t hesitate to arrange to talk a professional therapist in your area. I have had many sessions, and naturally I found it daunting at first because of the unknown . There is no shame in asking for help, especially when your children deserve the best opportunities without a mother or father .I want this section to be uplifting and realistic to help many widowers , widows and single parents in thier plight to raise thier beautiful children during challenging course.