Life Balance Exercise

For thousands of years the ancient practiced different exercises to synchronise the mind and spirit as one. Yoga , QI Gong and other traditional exercise are examples. The life energy was used in martial arts to defend and protect the people. The practices copied the examples of movements found in nature. This very brief video will show some simple movements to increase the flow of energy in the body and relax the mind to synchronise both in harmony.

The benefits are outstanding to the calm the mind , nervous system and strengthen the muscles with resilience. Start the day or break up the day of receptive unnatural life style of modern life to release trapped tension with more energy. The emotional repression is very common with challenging responsibilities. The ancient exercise practices can release the stored emotional stress in the body and mind effortlessly. The inner spirit of a natural warrior can help you tackle the obstacles from a place of peace to make the right decisions in life to find an equilibrium.

“Release and tame the dragon” Steve Hyne

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