The Story of Black and White (Consciousness)

Impossible to define consciousness and how it stared etc.Also Impossible to define other realties so I have created a video in simplistic terms taking ingredients from different cultures to explain existence ( Consciousness ). To explain the infinite from a limited finite perspective(as human) has many limitations. Like any Sufi story or parable there is several layers to the story. For example Black in Arabic has the ancient tradition of meaning wise hence I used black as allegory for infinite being all wise rather than white. The brain uses physical senses to define things and black is necessary to see things with the eyes and also true with white.For example you need black night to see the stars. The warped translation of perception in our modern era for a few is black and white thinking or binary thinking and this is how the physical universe operates according to the human senses and science as we perceive it so far. Add another dimension of colour will help see the variety of options outside preconceived bias. Hope you enjoy the video and love is only true realty throughout the universe because life wouldn’t exist as we know it.

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