Train the Ego

Snippet from my forth coming book draft version.

The Law of Attraction life Patterns, The Templates of Your life

Extract from chapter 4 The Ego Life Patterns

Train the Ego

“Whenever I climb, I am followed by a dog called ‘Ego’ “Friedrich Nietzsche

My personal experience the Ego for most of my life, well over 45 years was the top dog. I learnt as a child through trauma to turn off my sensitivities and emotionally responses to the suppression mode. This gave my Ego free run of my body and mind with little restraint from my heart to guide it. The unruly dog (Ego) was always pulling on the lead wanting to go here and there with no consideration of its owner. Reflecting back, I was so driven to extreme lifestyle with this dog dragging me on ridiculous regimes. When my wife was dying of cancer, I was so busy with my Ego pulling me here and there, I had no time for myself to refuel. The 18 months went in a flash and bang she died leaving me with 4 young children. After her death my Ego the dog went quiet, it became sick, and my heart opened with a tsunami of emotions. The point of this story is to show how the Ego goes into autopilot and people don’t change usually untill they are forced to like trauma.

Meditation the Master of the Ego

My salvation came with the practice of meditation that saved me from the oblivion of darkness. Meditation provided the training for my dog the Ego to be quiet. Sometimes when my mind wonders during meditation I imagine my Ego as an annoying dog barking telling me information. In my mind I pick up the dog and lock it up in a cage and tell it to shut up.  When the mind is quiet it allows the stresses of life to flow and the heart to embrace the soul. Some call this the bliss moment because then you are not being controlled by the Ego, you are totally present like a newborn baby. Regular meditation will give the Ego its time in the cage so the mind can have peace. 


What Do You WANT?

This Post is an excellent idea from one of my favourite Personal Growth guru, Jim Rohn who died in 2009. A lot of his speeches are on YouTube and he has many books including excellent audio book “ The day That Turned Your Life around”. He taught Tony Robins from a very young age and has over 40 plus years of experience in personal development.

Here is brief summary of getting what you want.

1 : Write down 50 things you want. This could be places to visit, items you want, experiences or any thing you don’t have but want. Example visit India , big house , new relationship or new career in acting.

2 : Number each item on the list on how long it would take you to achieve the goal either : 1 year : 3 years : 5 years or 10 years.

3 : Have 4 categories of 4 different time periods . Put the wants in their respective year. Example : new relationship year 1, new career in acting year 3 ,visit India year 5 and have a big house year 10.

5 : Now you should have all your 50 wants divided into each year.

6 : Year 1 list ,choose 4 most important goals you want.

Ask the question for each goal : Why do you want this specific goal and why is it important to you personally? This will activate the desire from an emotional cause. The more you desire the want , the easier the action will be. Another question to fuel the desire : What is the Purpose of the goal and what kind of person do you need to be to attain it?

Jim Rohn said in his workshop that the astronauts that fly to the moon have goals to reach when they come back to earth because it effects astronauts psychologically if no focus. From a brain perspective or ego, brain needs to focus on the future especially after a momentous event give meaning to a person life. He said that his father at the age 92, a year before his death had goals to give him purpose in his life.

Writing down the list is the lift or motivation to get the brain into momentum, especially the subconscious part that runs all our behaviour and programs. Reviewing the list and adjusting what you want is giving the universe opportunity to bless your intentions and discover what you really want.

In conclusion the things you want is about exploring and experiencing life wonderful opportunities now and in the future.

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Ajna meditation

Ajna meditation is the sixth energy centre of all the seven chakra. When chakra is aligned synchronises the right and left hemispheres of our brain.The ajna chakra is associated with light,wisdom, Insight and faith in higher energy.

By Steve Hyne

Walking Therapy

If you want to clear your mind and lungs of challenges why not take a walk across the beautiful Dartmoor countryside with quality compassionate listening. Below is a Short video of Devon National Park to help you to recenter yourself.

by Steve Hyne

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Spirituality and The Law of Attraction

A draft from my forth coming book

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. “Rumi

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.” Buddha

“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.” Lao Tzu

“Enlightenment is seeing the shadow within oneself and letting go of the darkness and embracing the light” Steve Hyne

The beauty of humanity there exists so many wonderful potentials. The choice or the key to unlocking the blessings of life are abundant within the grasp of all who dare enter the cave of uncertainty. Spirituality is subjective to the reader and the world we occupy with limits of our mind. This chapter will not focus on who or what because everyone individual experience in life is unique. The journey of discovery may never happen in this lifetime for some, while others have had the personal experience from a young age. 

The idea of spiritualty is sometimes confused by being religious by practices. The root of the word spiritualty coveys the idea of who you are as a person linking it to breathe or spirit. Spirituality is an individual practice not necessarily following a group substrate of ideologies. Many of humanity spiritual leaders challenged the religious intuitions that often tied up with the politics of the time. As civilizations evolved the new direction of visionary leaders helped the oppressed and melancholy reevaluate their stance in life.

This chapter I will review some of the miracles in my life and many other experiences of others showing a correlation of belief when in tune with personal goal’s manifestations at work. I have the firm belief that the universal energy, or God, or cosmos whatever you define it is not limited by human interpretation especially in binary thinking. This is evident over the centuries and today of the many wonderful blessings or miracles that have occured in individual’s lives, communities, and nations.

The similarities of Spiritual Practices and the Law of Attraction

Prayers: Affirmations are very similar to prayers, but affirmations are more specific to what you actually want in life. Prayers have produced miracles in the past and continue today, they have power. Affirmations don’t work in changing others in a negative way as the subconscious mind can’t distinguish between you and them.  One example: A prayer in asking for help stop the abusive person or organization to stop negative treatment. A clearer way to address the same situation with a affirmation is: I love peace, I have peace of mind, I have peace in my life, I am peaceful to everyone. (I don’t condone any abusive treatment of humans or animals, but sadly a lot of what happens is out of our control. If we can’t change our circumstance’s immediately, we can focus changing our inner world).

Chants come from the Latin to sing. Chanting is a powerful tool in meditation and is practiced in many religious settings. Scripting is very similar to this ancient practice of repeating the same words and sentiments. Chants from other spiritual practices may not align with your actual manifestations and the problem with the chants different languages being used in religious mantras the subconscious brain cant assimilate it so the emotional brain will not marry the chant with this intrinsic belief of new manifestation. (This is a sensitive topic because I know mantras and chants work as a collective in foreign tongues but being more specific for individual needs is paramount). One example Om Mani Padme Hum means “Hail the Jewel in the Lotus’. It is a mantra, used by Tibetan Buddhists to achieve the ultimate state of compassion. From my personal experience I do a compassion mediation in English as it is my native language and is more powerful for me and others because of the clear intention. Using Scripting focuses on your individual manifestations then the universe fills your cup, you will be ready to bless others with your full cup. One example in scripting is to write down regularly what your intention is. 

to be continued

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