What are you Afraid of Audio book

My dream of having a book on audio books is here. I am a big fan of audio books as i have read or listened to so much information while doing other mundane tasks. It is a win win because it gives you an overview of a subject then if you love the book you can purchase a digital or paper copy for reference. The cheapest way to enroll on this fast learning is to have a subscription or purchase a block subscription that allows a number of books for for credits. On average i read two or more books a week. 15 TO 20 hours that seems huge amount of time but I capitalise on dead time. I walk probably 5 to 10 hours a week to keep healthy and I call this process burn and learn. Looking for opportunities to fill your mind with insights will broaden your perception.

I have a limited free promo codes so you can listen to the book for free. All I ask is to give a candid review on how the book helped you or someone you know or found it a good listen. Please email me for promo code and send it direct. I have limited promo codes so first come first served and I am out the office all day so I want reply till later in the day. 2020learningbrain@gmail.com

free audiobook” What are You Afraid of by Steve Hyne”


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