Happy New Year: Here We Come 2021

Time brings all things to pass.“ Aeschylus

“Slip inside the eye of your mind
Don’t you know you might find
A better place to play
You said that you’d never been
But all the things that you’ve seen
Slowly fade away”. Oasis song Don’t Look Back in Anger

This has definitely been a challenging year for the whole human race and I send out my love to all those who have endured many losses. The new beginnings of 2021 will be a time for uncertainty for many and the struggles may cause further pain.

Aeschylus was one of Greek founding fore fathers of acting and was a play write who lived about 2500 years ago. I would say his quote is apt for 2020 because life never stands still , it keeps changing and evolving. The challenges humanity are facing will pass. The passing of time doesn’t reverse the past but the reflection of what we hold onto in our mind has an effect for the future .

Looking forward I hope that everyone has a better place to play and all the sorrow you’ve have seen will fade away. Below are few visual pictorials help focus positively on 2021 with a clear mindset.

Quantum Behaviour Continuum

Theory by Steve Hyne

Draft from my book I am working on called Life Patterns

Quantum Behaviour Continuum or Q B C is a theory I am devloping with a mixture of concepts from different domains. The keys elements of this model of ideas is a foundation of how we interact with the environment internally and externally. These components categories are: Observation – Mechanics – Implementation – Eradication – Habituation – Continuum.   

Quantum is the idea of small parts or energy of the self from infinite to biological structure. It involves a process to change the person from the deepest part of the self or the true self that  subconscious patterns runs. The is from the implicit self that the brain uses on autopilot  to identify the patterns in choices from subconscious and conscious thoughts. These programs are so intertwined with complexes of views and beliefs. These patterns run continually 24/7 for months and years, predicting a lifestyle of habituation. 


In quantum theory, the “observer” is watching Quantum mechanics states at molecular level. The example of particles of light can also behave as waves of light. These waves have the probability mathematical equation to predict the outcome of the waves patterns. The results of different outcomes of the waves is because of the collapse theory in part ( this is simplistic view from my insights). In a similar perspective if we are not aware of our behaviour we will not change the life patterns of continuum . The motion of waves are predictable patterns because distinct elements collapse. Brain has millions of patterns and for a familiar behaviour to continue other useful patterns need to collapse as it effects the entire system of behaviour.

Every day we behave differently when observed by different individuals. The role of a father differs from the position of an employee or manager. Reflect on all the different roles we play in life of being observed effects our behaviour especially. The behaviour at a sporting event would differ from negotiating a contract of sale. To play one role effectively, we need to collapse other roles to have effective relationship at any given time.. An example the role of a father, the child would struggle if the father became role of the employee to the child perspective. Schizophrenics and dissociative identity disorder have problems communicating and behaving in their interactions with others. DID patients alternate among multiple identities, each with its own voice, characteristics and mannerisms.

The observation that is the most significant is our own observation of the self. The role we play observing ourselves is important because the self with its different life experiences could trigger a defence mechanism that will shield or destroy the inner self. For example, taking on the role as a punitive, critical observer will crush the inner child ,or injury the self, encourage the avoidant self to humiliation or other negative responses. This will cause internal conflicts to precipitate disassociation with the many versions of the self. The role of a compassionate observer will facilitate realistic perspectives of our behaviour to encourage a developed superior self. Later in the book I will illustrate how the compassionate observer plays the role in real terms.


Mechanics in this model I will explore the forces acting on the human being. This can include many influencing factors from Psychological, biological , Physiological, Spiritual, environmental, and much more. In a simple equation anything that has influence the self regardless of the time modality. The human body has 7 billion billion billion atoms, that is a 7 followed by 27 zeros. In Quantum realm we haven’t accounted for the substrates of the atom protons, neutron, and electrons, etc. To explain all the different forces will take many volumes to explain. Added to the mechanics is individual experiences that forces the probability of correlation between two individuals behaviour is impossible. Later in the book I will illustrate how the forces in practical ways effect the behaviours.


Implementation is the method that turns strategies and plans into actions in order to accomplish strategic objectives and smart goals. The knowledge is power for changing the self with clear aim’s in mind. The difficulty of implementing change is because the brain sub-consciously predicts what is most probable outcome. This includes perceptions, emotions, behaviour’s and to what is expected-before events occur. To make changes will not be easy because if it was, everyone would change. To change any behaviours is to understand the mechanisms of why and how it works is a good start. The final responsibility is with the adult choices then this will affect the outcome. Re learning behaviours is important then implementing the strategies and goals.


One dictionary definition of eradication” eradicate something is to get rid of it, to destroy it, and to kiss it goodbye. Eradicate is from the Latin word eradicare meaning “to root out.” When you yank that weed up by the roots, they have eradicated it; it’s not coming back” Vocabulary.com. To have a beautiful garden you must eradicate the weeds. Human behaviour is a series of events that can trigger unwanted weed like symptoms of last series in events. For example, the link of alcohol that signals events after the substance is ingested. In another chapter explore lifestyle patterns and how there is coloration of frequent negative weeds or patterns outcomes . Gardening is hard work and regular maintenance is vital to stop the reappearing weeds from taking root. I will Explain some areas where eradication of bad habits is important before next step  Habituation.


There are many different approaches to habituation in psychology and other sciences. The model I use is based on learning a new behaviour, so it becomes part of the self or second nature. For example, you set the alarm to go off at 6 am in the morning for every day, then after continuum will effect the body automatically and wakes up without the reminder of the alarm. The implementation stage is the start of the new habit or behaviours but remember an illustration of the garden needs maintenance you will have to adjust the habituation process when change is needed. For example, the new behaviours of waking up early may need adjusting if you have shift work or other responsibilities disturbs 6 am habituation.

Intensity or duration be specific because every human has unique abilities , strengths, and needs. The success is often trial and error. The illustration of our garden to be optimised is applying and learning new skills especially if we have had no previous instruction. This is essential to be a compassionate observer because habituation is not the same mechanism of reward or aversion psychology that the brain remembers. The habituation process is like learning to walk. A child will start from few steps and fall often but with persistent we are grateful that we can walk with no thinking at all while walking. Later in the book I will explore a few ideas on how to practice habituation practically.


There are many theories about Continuum, but my model is defined this way. A continuous complete self, with all its parts of self (personality) work in sync and cannot be separated or identifying behaviours easily. A Example of Q BC of a the new behaviour of the self is to stop smoking. The model of continuum displays the new self with no fracture lines of the personality by withdrawal symptoms i.e., anxiety or negative long-term consequences of the self. Basically, the complete self is optimised by the change in behaviour for growth and renewal. 

Let it go and play the game of life.

The The holiday season at the end of a year in many cultures is a celebration of different themes from religious and traditions that have served humanity for centuries. The ancients perspective was very different from today’s technology and modern era. The person main focus was warmth and food to survive the winter months as in many counties the land was resting in preparation for spring. It gave the community time to reflect on life and having a simpler outlook.

Today the same basic needs are essential for an individual survival and thrive. One thing has changed today is consciousness because primitive man was developing the skills for survival and didn’t have the luxury for introspection. The irony with modern civilisation from agriculture objects and perspective with the birth of the industrial revolution has given many more time for reflection leading to greater awareness and consciousness.

The increased consciousness has definitely made human survival an easier journey for many in various domains in life especially in science. Through discovery the proliferation of inventions and globalisation humanity has the opportunity to live a different life compared from 100 years ago. On the converse side of the equation the consciousness has been diluted and been engulfed by distractions.

Awareness , mindfulness, meditation are the new kids on the block. These are tools that kick start the Psyche towards unraveling consciousness but there is another tool vital to embrace the soul. The tool for many including myself to use successfully is TIME. The soul of our consciousness is the engine of our reality that can drive us to the next destination.

Question yourself internally and your soul through awareness, meditation and quieting your ego will give you the revelations, that help you make resolutions. This practice I call is the 3 R. Reflection: Revelations : Resolutions. It is a mini meditation I practice every night before I go to sleep through journaling which I keep next to my bed. On top of my Journal I ask the question : How did you do today? I remember my mother saying that my Grandfather use to journal every night.

Let it go

Through my morning meditation I wanted to give a holiday gift from the collective consciousness and my Psyche. I wanted to do a post on consciousness and quantum physics but thought I thought it is too heavy for holiday season.But my soul had other ideas. Maybe in the new year I will share about consciousness in greater depth.

The emotions are a major part of our life with relationships that can effect our consciousness and general health. As in previous discussions emotions are energy in the body and when our soul , body , mind work as a team with our emotions the emotions come and go like waves on a sea. That is a simplistic view in another illustration : image you have an electrical circuit and a volt of energy or emotion travels through the circuit and it encounters a resistor or transformer. The result resistor will transfer energy into heat or the transformer convert the voltage to higher volume. The same is with emotion in the body it has to go somewhere or it will damage the body , soul, and even the mind.

2020 has been a difficult year for many and all that emotional energy can impact humanity and individually if not processed. The collective consciousness can infect the core effects of society. The example of watching a sporting or music event you can feel the atmosphere it’s electric with all that emotional energy. This is because of the social brain and it’s amazing ability to connect to others with attachments in groups.

On an individual perspective the impact of looses and gains will effect your inner core of emotions. The brain loves to feed on predicting the future , it program’s become familiar so it uses less energy. The downside of this , the brain believes that trauma ( that includes losses from emotional, Psychological, Physiological, mental, economic etc) will continue or it repeats as a loop , they call this in theory gestalt. The energy that is in the body needs an outlet or to let go so the body can use its resources to the maximum without entropy.

Imagine you are playing basket ball and one of the rules is you can not hold on to the ball or it’s a penalty. The objective of the game is to play and shoot , if you can’t let the ball go by giving it to someone to shoot. The game has time frames , the match doesn’t go on forever. Michal Jordan practiced away from the game and the only way he became successful was by letting go the ball and giving it his best shot. The same is in life if we hang on to ideas , relationships, beliefs or anything that stops us playing the game of life we will lose the present game of life.

I know it’s painful letting go and it will hurt some times. Let me give a personal example of letting go and why it is beneficial. My wife died of cancer at the young age of 45 and the last week of her life was hardest for her and me. On the Wednesday after 3 days in hospital she said to me “Steve I. Can’t go on it’s too much “ I said “just go “ her response to me was “ what about the kids” . We had four children living at home at the time . I said “ don’t worry about them , just go “. She was stubborn and on Sunday eventually the doctors said she only had 12 hours to live. I was there and intuitively I said “ Kate I will say a prayer and go” She let go during the prayer and died. It was tragic but by letting go she her continued her journey.

Play the game of life

Holiday season is opportunity to have fun and play with family and friends. Focusing on the good things in life will recharge your emotions. Happiness is a state of mind not a set of circumstances. If we go back to the beginning of this post our ancestors celebrated the winter solstice a new beginning. The sun was everything to them , heat , food and the sun was constant. They focused on the future of new opportunities, new crops , and survival. In a similar fashion like a river with its twist and bends in life focus on the good times ahead and let go of the past.

If you are literally holding onto something in your hands you miss the opportunity to hold on to something new. Plant the new seeds of love and compassion in your soul by connecting with the consciousness by awareness and meditation. The inner child wants to play the game of life and be there with them in your perspective. A child doesn’t hold onto negative beliefs about self and the world. Have a fresh look at the future with optimism and vitality.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. William Shakespeare

Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present. Marcus Aurelius

The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. Oscar Wilde

There is nothing like a dream to create the future. Victor Hugo

All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope. Alexandre Dumas

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. Lao Tzu

Life must be lived as play. Plato

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. Michael Jordan

Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation. Michael Jordan

Let it go and play the game of life. Steve Hyne

Inner child revitalise you

Christmas Drama Triangle

This year has been a difficult year for many with a lot of challenges still lurking in the Psyche, from unresolved stuff. The subconscious patterns could effect our relationship if we are not aware of our triggers internally. The pictorial image is based on Karpman drama triangle of interpersonal relationships.

During these festive occasions often the dynamics change with new opportunities to interact with new relationships or faded ones. Remember even if you mix with the same members every year you have changed and they have changed. This could be a challenge of needs and boundaries for everyone involved.

This drama triangle helpful to reflect on when there is emerging contradiction of opinions or choices. Before you are controlled by your subconscious patterns review the triangle and see if any relate to your role you are triggered and tempted to play. The idea is not to play any of the roles in the Christmas drama triangle.

Simple equation of You and the Universe

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. Buddha

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. Plato

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Albert Einstein

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. Lao Tzu

I am what I welcome and therefore this is what I become. Steve Hyne

2021 is on the horizon and what we hold in mind can determine the future. Another earth year cycle has nearly finished but we are a part of a much greater universe. The science of the quantum field, consciousness, awareness and much more is at our disposal. We are living with many insights into the life not just here but universal possibilities . You probably heard the quote” Think outside the box” and with that idea many amazing discoveries have benefited humankind.

My small gift to you dear reader is to meditate on the picture above about theory of belief. I have had the wonderful privilege of reading many amazing books and science papers and discovering this concept in my life. Reflecting on your internal beliefs will shape your reality or the external beliefs will become your reality.

Connect to the universe

You have the greatest gifts

Gift of our senses fills the heart with love and compassion

Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. Bil Keane

Nothing is so healing as the human touch. Bobby Fischer

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Mark Twain

The food that enters the mind must be watched as closely as the food that enters the body. Pat Buchanan

The gift we all have is life. When we look inside our soul we find every delightful present there we ever wanted waiting for us. Steve Hyne

Gift of being you


Self Love leads to compassion

” Self Love is the action of Compassion to your greatest treasure YOU” Steve Hyne

I have the wonderful privilege of learning and listening from others. Another way I learn this beautiful quality is listening to my inner soul by regular meditation. The world is full of suggestions from how to and how not to, very often it is from genuine people though. The overload of information can dissolve the simplest ideas and routines from the foundation of our existence.

Tutankhamen was the most important person in Egypt at one period in history who ruled as king from 1361–1352 B.C.E. He died at the age of 18 years old. One resource said the following about discovering him and his tomb.

”The tomb room contained more than five thousand objects, many of which were covered with gold and beautifully carved. The most famous of these objects is probably the lifelike gold mask that covered the face of Tutankhamen’s mummy. Carter also uncovered military items, clothing, jewelry, and many statues of Tutankhamen and Egyptian gods. In fact, there were so many items in the tomb that many are still being examined today and have yet to be displayed in museums—nearly eighty years after their discovery”.

The greatest discovery or gift you will ever have is “You” in essence your life as a human now. Understanding that we have the gift of life at this present time can have a massive effect on our wellbeing. For example nothing , no one , no title, no amount of material gain or other perceived gain is greater than your life.

For centuries the ideology of humans existence has been shaped by religious, political and culture. Many promising love and happiness if you do this or don’t do that, the reality of many institutions and individuals is promoted by ignorance and fear. During the dark ages the fear of God and Hell was a powerful cause of existence. Rather than pursuing the love of something coming from a intrinsic feeling the promise of immediate gratification is fleeting leaving emptiness of the soul. The belief of ignorance was another cause of existence for many. Struggling working effortlessly just to survive and not being replenished of motivations and energy to enjoy life or love life. These are just few ideas of how the blind have led the blind in history and even in today societies.

Meditating regularly is a great start so the ego mind is not stealing your love and happiness from YOU. Does your mind or thoughts have these judgments “You should” You can’t”You will damage ….” You will lose…” I don’t have enough” I wish…” Nobody….” The list can be endless in the mind so meditation will put the ego in its place so you can enjoy the love and life you have.

Regularly reflecting on your true self with no judgments or evaluation will fill you heart and soul with love and gratitude. Fill your mind and soul with love and compassion with these thoughts ” I love you (talk to your soul, body, emotions etc) “Thank you for….” “Well done…” “I will always love YOU regardless..” By practicing the way you speak to yourself will have a dramatic impact either way.

Realising we are the greatest treasure we are will motivate our love for self by the choices we make. For example if you have had a hard day either emotionally, physically or mentally be compassionate to yourself.For example the chores or less important responsibilities can wait another day. I remember a famous song said” A flat that is always empty stays clean” so the point is to love yourself before the flat. It sounds so simple but you are special and irreplaceable and you are unique so own your self love and compassion before anything else.

I am a visual thinker and when I was preparing this post I thought of the innocence of a childs world. Their thinking and perspectives are so simple and clear. When they need compassion they go and see mummy or daddy to have their needs met. They embrace their parents unconditionally feeling secure and happy again. When you practice self love which is compassion, you will feel like that child. When that child grows up they will show compassion to the world because of their inner world needs of self love have been met. Remember the Beatles song “ All you need is love”

Question to ask your personal self “Does this activity or thought show that I love myself”. When we practice compassion which is loving ourselves authentically we can then love others unconditionally and this is best gift we could ever give….

Christmas Books Ideas as Gifts

As an avid reader and audio book addict and blink list etc I thought it would be good idea suggest great books I have read this year as gifts for yourself and others.It is a great time to relax and chill with a good read over festive season. Also that book might change your life or others through the knowledge learnt for a better future for all.

Here goes

Man’s Search For Meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust Viktor E. Frankl

The book will help adjust your perspective of your problems and inspire you continue despite your challenges. It is very sad in places but shows that there is always hope.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender David R. Hawkins

The book will help with relationships and adjust your emotional state of hurt caused by others. Even if the person never changes their behaviour the book help you release personal tensions.

Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us Michael Moss

The book will help you understand why you make food choices and any weight problems you might have. The information may shock you on how our food choices are addictions.

The Richest Man in Babylon George S. Clason

The classic book is in a form of a story but has powerful financial message. The book will help you to have a fresh perspective on money.

Breathe A new science of a lost Art. James Nestor

This book will help dramatically if you have breathing problems colds and lack of energy etc. It will transform your life by adjusting the way you live and breathe.

Altered Traits Science reveals how meditation changes your mind, brain and body. Daniel Coleman Richard J Davidson

This book help any novice or skeptic about meditation.

Attached Are you anxious avoidant or secure How the science of adult attachment can help you find and keep love. Dr Amir Levine & Rachael Heller

This book help you understand your relationship style and others.

Psychopath whisperer Kent A Kiehi.

This book is about real life journey of the author who investigates Psychopath brains and behaviour. If you interested in solving mysteries and shocking behaviour of why. Caution some of the details maybe disturbing to young people or others.

Nonviolent Communication A Language of Life Marshall B. Rosenberg

This book helps in perfecting our communication skills. The book is essential for all as it helps to understand our needs and others.

The Greatest Secret Rhonda Byrne.

This book is simple overview of consciousness and law of attraction. If you want to expand your awareness and perception helps think outside the traditional ideas and concepts of realty.

Have fun and become a 2020 learner now and don’t look back.


TB or not to BE

We will have disappointments in life

The New Adventures of the Musketeers. Excerpt from volume one book coming soon draft..

All the Musketeers were outside the theatre as many citizen were arriving. Guest with their new outfits on display from distinguished gentleman to the young aspiring maidens looking for marriage. Porthos had a new outfit hoping to outshine the aristocracy and pageantry of the occasion. He wore a melancholia outfit as it was the passion of the poets and artist in Paris depicting their disdain for the two society’s , the opulent and the ascetic. Porthos had a flamboyant Plumed hat with array of red feathers bouncing on his head as he turned his head here and there. D`Artagnan said “ You look rather splendid Porthos with that lavish hat. You will definitely have the attention of Molière”.

Porthos answered in a flustered voice” I have heard the performance has been cancelled because the Cardinal was not happy with religious references saying it was sacrilege”.

Aramis responded in an angry outburst” The Pompous fool is a hypocritical nonchalant advocate of his rules not Gods”.

Athos felt the tension rising between his friends and noticed others near by were becoming agitated. “ My dear friends this is a surprise for us all to be aware of this sudden news. I recognise the sadness and frustration you are feeling now. What can we do to change the situation my dear friends? What do you want me to do?”

A voice near by shouted out “ Let us kill the instigators and have our revenge on the government and the perpetrators who stole our rights of freedom”. Athos was skilled with the sword but knew violence doesn’t change the situation permanently but prolongs the strife of tyranny. Athos then said in an emphatically loving and compassionate voice” My fellow countrymen , ladies and lords we were all looking forward to seeing  Molière and with much sadness he can’t perform today. But with my deepest consolation I could arrange a performance from a travelling company instead for tomorrow evening”.

The whole crowd mood changed from disappointment to anticipation and someone from the crowd shouted out “ We love Athos”. The crowd roared with laughter and they all felt the energy like a vibration flutter around their heart as the stress lifted from their shoulders dissipated through their necks into the face lifting the lips to a new emotion of joy. Immediately after the release of sadness the joy of the turned the atmosphere into dancing and clapping with singing.

The next evening the crowds gathered at the Hôtel de Bourgogne in anticipation of the evening entertainment.

D`Artagnan said ”Athos please tell me what  will the show be about tonight? He said this with so much intensity his voice was raised to unbearable pitch of a young child. The musketeers said to each other he is like a child who has never seen a show before.

Athos then said in a fatherly tone ” To be or not to be” he said this in English then translated it to French and said “ it means to live or to die. I am not sure exactly what it is about but I sure everyone will enjoy the performance”.

Notes from Author: In the 17th century France the tides of change where on the horizon as the populace seeking freedom from poverty and many other anxieties. The last chapter of my book will focus on the deadly disease of Tuberculosis on how it effected not just France but the whole of Europe and beyond. king Louis XIII of France died at the young age of 41 years and like many pandemics it has no mercy on who you are. As we reflect in history we can gain many lessons from the similar challenges we face today. In conclusion the best solution to all our challenges lies within our enemies for life from mind, body, Soul and the emotions.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. Hippocrates