Early to bed and early to rise makes a human healthy, wealthy and wise

The above quote was from Benjamin Franklin who was a Polymath. It means a person well educated in a wide variety of subjects or fields. Polymaths are also described as persons with encyclopaedic or broad or varied knowledge or learning.

Here is a sample of his day routine waking at 5am from his autobiography

  • Getting ready for the day: shower, breakfast, personal study, and prepare for work (3 hours)
  • Morning work (4 hours)
  • Review of current projects and to eat lunch (2 hours)
  • Afternoon work (4 hours)
  • Dinner and rest and wrapping up the day (4 hours)
  • Sleep (7 hours)

We all have different body clocks but through my observation and many individuals body energy is optimised after a good nights sleep. I have always been a morning person so its a lifetime habit. But old habits can erode over time and good reminders help adjust our mind and soul to reach our goals. It is easy to stay up late and waste time with media trivia from the internet or Netflix’s etc.

If you want to out smart and outshine the competition or expand your mind , body and wallet get out of bed 30 minutes earlier during the work week. Imagine you would have gained extra 130 hours in a year or over 10 hours a month. That is investment you can’t refuse because the best investment is in your self by being healthy , wealthy and wise.


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