Poetry a gateway to the soul

Poetry can inspire, connect and reflect with the author and its readers. The feelings and emotions of human experience in western civilisation are neglected often for many personal and social reasons. Throughout history in religious texts , different cultures been an array of different forms of poetry. The evolution of expression from humanity experiences helps us understand the world at that time. Today the youth express poetry in the popular rap format that evokes the inner struggles of the artist and the audience can identify with the sentiments.

Through my ordeal witnessing my beloved wife fighting cancer then dying at my side evoke the deepest despair of her and my feelings. I have always been a creative individual through my life. Poetry been medium to express my sorrows and horrors on paper was a way of releasing my emotions to the world as it can be a therapeutic experience.

Published my personal experiences on Amazon kindle few of my poems for the world to be part of my inner world. I pray that nobody has to go on a similar journey.

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