Tip of the week

Consistency is the secret not the amount that counts

Every drip of effort will get you there

The expectations in life we have sometimes have can overwhelm us due to several factors. One reason why we can’t do what we set out to do is the brain incentives in the VTA region prefers homeostasis. What that means in essence, too many expectations with no immediate rewards or incentives will reduce your drive of reaching your expectation.(cell.com)

What ever the desire is start with one small step. It could to lose weight for that special occasion. Save money for that new outfit. Write a book you had in the back of your mind. Learn a new skill improve your employment opportunities. Many great things you may want to do. There is a simple trick to help you on your road to success

  • Start the action: Regardless of the amount, 1 minute or 1 drip
  • Schedule the action: Daily , weekly , monthly
  • Stretch yourself: Take the emotion and your restrictions out of equation
  • Sustain the implementation: If you Forget or don’t do it start again
  • Start small: easy steps will gain momentum of victories
  • Stick to the goal: celebrate victories review failures
  • Strip away all negative beliefs and behaviour: It’s Your life
  • Seek other ways to accomplish your ideas: Collaborate and investigate better ways
  • Say no to what stopping the momentum

Just a few ideas to set the goal in action. Remember that achievable goals is the secret to achieving your FULL potential.

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