Ambition and Greed of religious and monarchy creeds

Power of State and Religion was like a game of chess in 17th Century

New adventures of the Musketeers

Part one

May 14, 1643 King Louis XIII of France died at the tender age of 41. His son Louis less than 5 years old inherited a fractured country. His mother Anne with the Cardinal Mazarin ruled the country. The country of France was in turmoil with wars from neighbouring countries and the civil conflicts that divided the people.

Porthos hears a knock at the door accompanied by frantic breathing and wallowing of a woman’s cry. Porthos quickly opens the door to see what all the commotion is about. “My dear lady please come and sit down” at the same time Porthos shouts down the corridor to his servant. His servant Mousequeton comes running into the chamber to where his master and the young woman where. The long blonde hair of the maiden was silky as the finest fabric of nobles. Her face was red from running for help. Her sad blue eyes were swollen from many tears that flowed. The breathing was fast with anxiety and panic. “Sit down my sweet maiden on this chair and I will ask to fetch some food and clean clothes for you.”

In the meantime another young servant came into the chamber with wood for the fire under the large cask iron fireplace. The fire was blazing as the servant was feeding the fire and the fire giving light and warmth in return. “Thank you very much my Lord you are so kind” the young maiden said in a quiet and respectful voice now beginning to compose herself. “ What seems to be troubling you?” Porthos asks in a respectful voice with a kind smile of reassurance. The young lady takes a couple of deep breaths to compose herself as she prepares unburdened her worries. “ I have no where to go , my Grandfather died a year before the King Louis died.” Porthos was in a quandary and wonder why she didn’t mention her mother or father. Porthos

looked at her sweet soft face and said “explain you have no where to go. Do you mean no where to live?” The young maiden said in a sad voice quickly”Yes I have no where to live and sleep, I am all alone now” As she said these words tears came falling down her face and she started to cry.

Mousequeton knocked on the chamber door and waited for a reply. “ Please come in Mousequeton” Porthos servant had some food and clean garments for the young women. The fire was blazing in the chamber providing warmth and comfort for the woman but her sadness still persisted. Porthos said “don’t worry about finding some where to sleep tonight you can sleep in one of the quest rooms. For now have something to eat and there are fresh clothes for you to change into. We will talk about this tomorrow my dear girl.” “Thank you my lord you are a true gentleman and musketeer for the people” said the grateful maiden. As Porthos was leaving the room he instructed the servant girl Amber to organise the guest affairs. “ What is your name?” Porthos called out just as he was closing the door waiting for a response. “Sommer”.

The next day Porthos was expecting his fellow musketeer for banquet with thier noble companions and mistress. The affair was to celebrate Porthos new title which gave him prestige and gained exemption from the toille taxes. The country of France was near bankruptcy so the heavy burden of taxes rested on the the underprivileged classes. The clergy and the army including the musketeers were exempt from such strict taxes. The added benefit of living in Paris the elite constitutions gave the aristocracy even more opulent lifestyle.

In the morning Porthos came down stairs with a swing in his walk whistling the French Louis Couperin composition. His banquet was going to be the talk of all Paris with a personal appearance of this fine musician. The sun was shining on this beautiful warm autumn day with much anticipation from all in the suburbs near Porthos home.

Porthos was organising the affairs of his household for this special banquet to make it a night to remember for all. The young maiden Sommer came into the kitchen were Porthos was checking all the plans and arrangements where in place. “Hello my young lady , I gathered you had a comfortable night” Sommer was in a far better mood after resting in a warm secure bed with all the past misery nearly forgotten. Porthos said to his guest “I am extremely busy today and tonight, see if you can help out please, I will need extra help tonight by serving the guest. Arrange with Mousequeton and he will explain your duties and select the appropriate attire.” The Young woman was was so grateful that Porthos had welcomed her into his home and she thanked him from the bottom of her heart. “Before you go Sommer who was your Grandfather I might of known him ?”

Sommer hesitated but knew Porthos reputation of a people’s friend with no judgements an emphatic understanding gentleman who was raised from poverty and knew the perils of the common folk.” It was Cardinal Richelieu.”

to be continued

References › watchLouis Couperin – Prélude in D Major – YouTube

Tip of the week “ Breathing “

Breathe through the nose for clarity

Through my investigation of many different subjects I will endeavour to share practical information to improve and enhance life. Each week I will endeavour to post something practical to implement in regular life to reach your potential and enjoy greater performance.

I am a great believer in simplicity and succinct easy tweaks which is the fastest way to see the greatest dividends in personal life. One of my mantra is “one small step will make a big impact”

I have done a post before called “Breathe or not to Breathe?” This is a supplement or a tip for the week.

I am a great fan of meditation and a key corner stone to this practice is breathe work. My brain this week was thinking that’s great to do breathe work during meditation but what about other activities.

Running and exercise. It has been several years since I used to run regularly but due to my competitive personality about 5 years ago I damaged my knees and stopped for other reasons. That time of my life in my late 40`s was the most healthiest physically and mentally I ever have been. They call its runners high and yes it was highly addictive for me. Great book called “ what I talk about when I talk about running” for writers and runners worth a red if you like both subjects.

A friend suggested walk/run so I googled that and off I went into the national park where I live. I did some research on the techniques of running and a key component was breathing through the nostrils for the first 3 to 5 minutes for max performance and build from that.

This week I read the book “The Yoga of breath” by Richard Rosen and the book “Breathe “ by James Nestor. Also watched YouTube video with James Nestor about breathe work. The importance of nasal breathing was stirring at me in the face.

Breathe through your Nose as much as you can.

The key tip is to implement breathing through the the nose rather than mouth. It will reduce infections and improve your performance.

  • Breathe in for 5 seconds then hold then out 5 seconds via nose at least 5 minutes a day
  • Increase your nasal breathing as part of your meditations
  • Tape your mouth at night to breathe through the nose reduce sleep problems and snoring
  • Breathe through nose first 3 minutes of exercise
  • Become aware of your breathing during the day and change to nasal breathing
  • Eventually through training the brain you will automatically breathe through your nose
  • So many benefits to breathe through the nose mentally and physically.
  • Set yourself a goal to breathe naturally through the nose each day

Your energy levels , vitality and even sex life might improve with nasal breathing.

Tip of the week start nasal breathing

Personality of a Psychopath

Part one

Hannibal lecter is probably the most famous fictional Psychopath known today.Jack the Ripper a historical Psychopath was “Many people suggest the Ripper was a psychopath because he was smart enough to ensure no clues were left behind, he was never caught and was most likely regarded as charming and gentlemanly in society.” (end quote). What is the personality of a Psychopath?

When I started to investigate this simple question there is a mountain of information on the subject but still no simple straight answer. In the back of my mind I have this book title “My father was a Psychopath” maybe I’m destined to write a book on the subject. I am fascinated from a behaviour perspective on how the brilliant mind of these individuals are different from the rest of society. They “estimate that just less than 1% of all noninstitutionalized males aged 18 and over have psychopathy” in the United States.

The Psychopath Whisperer: Inside the Minds of Those Without a Conscience Book by Kent Kiehl was an excellent audio book I listened to last year. It’s definitely a read if you’re interested in the science and the history of actual killers. The word Psychopath is not actually a medical term that medical practitioners use to describe a patient. The main reason it is not recognised because the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders a Book by American Psychiatric Association labels it as antisocial disorder instead. I’m sure you agree if your neighbour was a Psychopath and murdered his work colleagues it is not very socialable.

Psychopath is a mental disorder and diagnosis and treatment of any modalities is not an easy task. The Big Five Inventory (BFI) help to discover some of the Psychopath personality traits. Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness. There are other tools to underpin a person behaviour. The BFI is used to score individuals

Hare Psychopath Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) “The PCL-R comprises twenty items that are used to assess the presence of psychopathic traits in adults”(end quote) This is a partial report to assess a likely Psychopath because with all mental disorders , the histories of the patient gives vital clues. Below is a checklist of Hare List

•  glib and superficial charm

•  grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self

•  need for stimulation

•  pathological lying

•  cunning and manipulativeness

•  lack of remorse or guilt

•  shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)

•  callousness and lack of empathy

•  parasitic lifestyle

•  poor behavioral controls

•  sexual promiscuity

•  early behavior problems

•  lack of realistic long-term goals

•  impulsivity

•  irresponsibility

•  failure to accept responsibility for own actions

•  many short-term marital relationships

•  juvenile delinquency

•  revocation of conditional release

•  criminal versatility

In the list the lack of empathy jumps out to me personally as I believe the world would function better in the workplace , in the family and with friends with this super quality. Studies show that some Psychopaths do have some empathy but it is restrictive. The complexity of human behaviour is fascinating but science and Psychology and neuroscience are making progress.

In conclusion on my search for the signs of a Psychopath is not a quick fix approach. Discovering and understanding a Psychopath is very often too late because of their brilliant mind.

When your horse dies get off

Imagine you bought a horse and at the age of 3 years (18 in human years)We will name him Raphael after the famous renaissance artist. Also going to Travel back in time when horses were the main transport. You formed an attachment with Raphael the beautiful horse. Feeding , grooming and riding him regularly. The bond becomes stronger as you learn to trust each other.

One morning you go to the stable and notice Raphael is starting to look his age but he was keen to see you. On that day you have an important appointment to attend. You start to prepare Raphael with his saddle and bit. Raphael is little hesitant as you buckle up the saddle ready to go to this appointment. You have been riding Raphael now for 21 years and his old age of 70 in horse years started to show. Faithful horse is happy but reluctant to continue on this important journey. Then the horse stops and falls to the ground , “oh no you cry out , I am going to be late”. This is day when your trusted companion has had enough and dies.

A friend passes by and notices you and the horse on the ground. The friend shouts across to you and says “ get off the horse he is dead”. You are in shock and motionless as time stands still. The connection you had with your trusted companion is there but you feel the emptiness inside as your world falls apart.

Now you have two choices: Carry on to the important appointment or stay with the horse and forget about the appointment?

In life we are faced with choices every second of the day. Many of our choices are programs we have already run before so it’s easy for the brain to take the same neuropathway because it has been there before. Bad habits are same as good habits in essence what brain normal responses are. For example every morning and evening we brush our teeth. Another example we go to a friend or restaurant and eat a delicious meal have a drink with it. When We are feeling feed up we eat a sugary treat or buy something because the brain knows how it felt afterwards. Habits are easy to start but after some time they are hard to stop.

One of the triggers and sabotage of habits relate to Emotion dysregulation. For example we know that eating the wrong food or drinking too much is not good for the body. Emotion comes along and hijacks our resolve to do the right logical choice.

There are myriads of self help books with excellent advice but the society still struggles to make the right choices and I include myself in that category. So you may wonder how the ………..? can I change? The simple solution is get off the horse because it dead and want take you where you want to go. But the problem we face like our trusted Raphael who served us for many years. Raphael and you managed to get to where you are know in life as an emotional attachment.The simple answer is that some behaviours no longer works for us at times. If you continue with a habit or choice that doesn’t work you will miss that important appointment. Our illustration reminds us that a friend may tell us get off the horse but we have to take the action.

We all love happy endings, let’s go back to the story again. The friend said jump on the back of my horse and I will take you to that important appointment. Afterward we can come back to faithful Raphael and give him a special burial and erect an message for all to see.

This is what the message said in memory of Raphael:

My faithful companion I thank you for your trust and support because you helped me get through the good and difficult journeys we made. I am grateful for serving me all those years and I was responsible for both of us. Now you are gone and I understand you can not serve me anymore so I will leave you and go on a new journey with my friend who has given me his trusted companion Michelangelo.

Michelangelo is the new powerful habit that will take you places

Heal the body to heal the mind or Heal the mind to heal the body

Start today
Feed body and mind

The word Health comes from an old English word meaning “being whole or complete”. This problem has plagued society since the beginning of time when our health has been incomplete. Most of us at one time have had setbacks due to our health that stopped us enjoying the complete experience. A passing headache will effect the experience or limit the full potential gains. When encountered with a more serous illness, it will force us to stop the activity.

The word health is not just associated with our bodily functions and systems that can falter. The mental health is another big factor in today’s society. A passing stressful situation will impeach us experiencing an event to its complete awareness. Health is so important it can supercharge us to reach our complete experiences in life that includes work , relationships and pleasure.

Today’s western philosophy has influenced the structure and history of science , religion and medicine. If you have a health problem it is divided into two main categories 1 Body = Physical 2 Mind = Mental. The divergence between the two is the structure in many modern institutions. The eastern traditions take a different perspective and other cultures have thier ideas about relation of mind and body.

Rene Descartes French mathematician and philosopher proposed the dualism theory of mind and body being separated in thier own right. He lived between 1596 to 1650 when Europe had tremendous religious influence and also the monarchy having an influence. The man was very intelligent with many fascinating ideas. From a neutral perspective I can see from today’s knowledge some of his philosophies are ridiculous even funny. I am not insulting the mans perspective maybe if I was alive then I might of agreed with him. The problem of theories is sometimes that whole systems of culture and institutions over centuries can be believed as impeccable truths.

I have always believed that the body and mind are one. I am not sure why. Reflecting on my childhood ideologies that the body and soul are the same could be the reason. When the body dies the soul dies also was what I was taught. None us know exactly about religious beliefs until we die.From a logical and analytical perspective I don’t understand the mind totally, I wish I could but feel that mind and body work together as one more effectively.

Three of my many passions are biology, psychology and physiology. The more I research the mind and body connection I am overwhelmed by the positive evidence how it is all into linked. Since the death of my wife at the young age of 45 years of a rare cancer it has driven my thirst of why? She was probably one of the strongest physically and mentally women I have ever met. She was brave , she was courageous and she was lovable by all. From my narrow minded perspective and with many books I have read about cancer the question I ask: what started the cancer and nobody’s really knows the answer. Reflecting back is a great key to understanding and a lot of people I have researched died early due to psychological deficits in childhood. So I believe when we examine all the evidence about a health conditions the body and mind we might find some of the clues.

What made me write this post was a powerful book that grabbed me and shook my consciousness. Called The inflamed mind by Edward Bullmore. The book gives recent evidence by scientists that Depression is linked to the immune system. I always believed that the body and emotions effect our immune system and immune system effects emotions. According to the book Simply put : the whole body defense response to illness will produce inflammation. How does inflammation effect the mind? Quote from book:

Inflammation in the brain also disrupts the flow of neurotransmitters. Serotonin, for example, is made by nerve cells from the base protein tryptophan. But inflammatory cytokines encourage nerve cells to use tryptophan to make other proteins like kynurenine instead, which support the inflammation process but are toxic to nerve cells in the long term. Moreover, by depleting its basic building material, kynurenine potentially lowers levels of serotonin in the brain. This, in turn, could affect our sleep, appetite and mood, and might also explain why some severely inflamed patients do not respond well to SSRIs. (end of quote)

There are no prescriptions as yet unless you have an autoimmune problems like rheumatoid arthritis that reduce inflammation with medication . Another great book to support my conclusion about the body and mind connection: The beautiful cure by Daniel M. Davis. Explains how the immune system has mechanism to fight disease. Here is quote from book:

Human immune systems are strongest during our natural rest time – night – and weakest during the day. One reason for this is that our bodies keep cortisol, the hormone that suppresses our immune system, at low levels during the night. Several studies have tested the potential stress-relieving effects of everything from laughter to tai chi. In one study, patients with diabetes watched comedy films with hospital staff. These patients experienced increased immune system activity. Or take mindfulness, a technique that aims to get practitioners to focus on the present moment. An analysis of 20 trials found that mindfulness practice could lower some markers of inflammation and increase numbers of particular T cells in patients with HIV. (end of quote)

I am a believer in the holistic approach and use intelligence and nature’s cupboard rather than the pharmaceutical giants concoctions of money making schemas. Please listen to your physician but have several options available to make an informed choice.

Nature solutions are free

Here are some free choices to heal the complete you.

Meditation and mindfulness reduce stress then reduce inflammation

Diet avoid process foods as they increase inflammation

Eat natural foods is nature way of healing

Exercise is good for body and mind

Talk to a friend about problems reduce stress

Sleep reduces stress which reduce inflammation

Reduce alcohol

Green Tea good for body

In conclusion when you invest in your body and mind you will be complete and healthy. Lifestyle is the not always the easiest option to start with but with small increments you will notice the difference in the long term.If you pay out to see a therapist or eat those important foods or reduce stress remember this mantra:

You are not complete until you heal the mind and body together.

Life Patterns?

The big question young children ask from the ages 2 to 5 years of age is Why? This can be exhausting for a parent or a childminder who has spent time with an inquisitive child. Even every suggestion you make to this bundle of the joy answer always comes back as why?

The importance for asking questions enables the child to understand the world around them. Very often a simple explanation is sufficient or the present moment because they need to assimilate the new information to what they have observed and learnt . For example at Christmas the child will believe and accept the idea of a magical person bringing the family gifts. The only problem with these half truths in the future you will need to reinvent another story .

Research suggests that by age 25 our brains start to get lazy — and we rely on a set number of neuro pathways to do our thinking.

That is interesting statistic because usually we have a regular job , a partner and a particular lifestyle by then. With the demands of raising a family or pursuing a career we forget to ask the obvious in life. The social brain loves familiarity and routine. There have been studies to indicate that learning and asking questions later in life is still easy task for the brain because of neuroplasticity.

When you observe the science in the universe it’s amazing how little we know and understand. Careful investigation in the patterns in nature are all around us. For example the Fibonacci’s sequence is in atoms to huge galaxies. Italian mathematician who showed how a sequence of numbers is the sum of the previous two numbers. An example is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and on to infinity. Some call it the golden ratio or the Greeks use to call it Phi.

In art and architecture we can see these patterns. In every day life around us these patterns appears. When you start to investigate with an open mind you will be surprised what you can see from a different perspective.

We can explore even deeper into our own life patterns which is a passion of mine: Behaviours , why do I do that and why do feel that way? Understanding our life patterns will reveal much about our personality. We have very complex personalities that reflect who we are.

From the development of our brain we become many different people with various characteristics unique to oneself. These facets of who we are the fabric of our life experiences to the present reality. We often forget the child we were once that had many experiences which is still present in our subconscious mind. The life patterns we developed can very often be traced back to the growing brain of information we collected.

This fascinating discussion of who we are is my next project. I am hoping to write a book on the subject called life patterns. I hope you will enjoy my journey as I investigate in more detail of who we really are. reflecting on our life patterns we can empower the future self.

The people we carry in our mind and body

In conclusion on this post why not do some exploring of who you are. Remember that amazing curiosity you had as a child. Ask yourself or good friends and family the questions:

Why did I do that?

Why did I say that?

Why do I have these feelings?

Why do I believe that?

Two great quotes to meditate on

“He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger” Confucius

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not”. Pablo Picasso

Meditation is the master of the Mind

Excerpt from my forth coming book taken from the chapter on self awareness. I am so proud of the chapter and excellent resources I might share in another post. Ps. This is draft version

There are many different types of meditation which has been in existence for thousands of years. The eastern cultures religious practices engage in meditation in different shapes and forms. The idea of meditation has many different interpretations with its roots in most religious organisations.
From a secular and non religious perspective it has been translated to an effective methodology to empower organisations and the individual.

The secret is to find some form of meditation that you can use to be the master of your mind. Writing that sentence may seem a bit daunting to some or even harsh. The mind and the brain is like a muscle as the scientists call it neuroplasticity. For the human body to look great and feel great you have to be master over it by exercising and feeding it what it needs. The mind is exactly the same with practicing meditation we can help the mind look great and feel great. In summary the fitness of your mind determines your reality on the outside around you.

Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body Book by Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson is great introduction to Meditation. One powerful reason why I encourage you to practice meditation is it will help you over come your fears. The discovery that the amygdala (part of the brain) of meditators were less reactive than those of non-meditators. This is because meditators had a stronger link between the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex – the part of the brain related to planning and other complex cognitive functions. It has been shown that the amygdala-prefrontal cortex connection lowers the effect of strong emotions, whether they’re positive or negative.

The simple way to start meditation is to start with small sessions first with no expectations. As you develop your skills try different types and mix it up now and again. The benefits are tremendous from many different aspects with your mental and physical health at the core. The secret is to find out what works for you and experimenting and fine tuning. I will give a few suggestions on how to get started but don’t be upset if it has no immediate effects or results. Practice is the key to unlocking your hidden strength to become the master of your fears.

1 Setting is optional.
Location could be at home , work , park etc. Alone time

2 Position is optional.
Sitting down on chair , or floor , lying down. Comfortable position

3 Remove distractions.
Turn all electronic devices off or to silent. Not disturbed

4 Clothing optional.
Wear clothes that are loose not restricted. Body not distracted

5 lighting optional. Too bright may be a distraction to the senses,.Natural light

6 Temperature. Not too hot or cold difficult to relax. Stay awake be focused

7 Time. Any time which is convenient during the day. Being Present

8 Duration. Recommend at least 5 minutes so the body can relax. Relax body and mind

9 Frequency is optional. Similar to exercise the more you do stronger and easier become. Daily

10 Type is optional. Variety or same meditation depends on personality. Suit your needs

Now we will explore briefly simple techniques and strategies that can be finned tuned and developed. Illustration of exercise again helps you to understand we all have different body shapes abilities and motivations. Meditation is a personal preference which works for you. Don’t be afraid to explore ideas and methods. The secret is regularity and at times like exercise you don’t feel like doing it. For example you plan to meditate in the morning but missed the opportunity, why not reschedule later in the day even for a shorter session. Also you may find you can’t get into the zone and feel it’s a waste of time , that will happen from time to time. Don’t judge yourself or the activity too harsh say how you feel and come back to it another time.

Meditation the easy way

1 Find a quiet comfortable space

2 Take 3 to 5 deep breathes through your nose slowly

3 Hold each breath up to 5 seconds drawing in all the oxygen

4 Release each breath slowly through your nose up

5 Let your breathe return to its normal rhythm

6 Focus on your breathing patterns

7 Don’t allow any thoughts to disturb you

8 Focus on your breathe

9 Relax the whole body

10 Relax the mind to similar mode when you are just about to sleep

There are different variations of this meditation which can be tweaked or added to. The purpose of this meditation is to control the mind concentration. The more you practice quiet time with your mind more control you will have of being aware of your thoughts. The thoughts can become feelings and feelings can become behaviours. There are Different meditations for specific purposes to unlock the mind potential. When the mind starts to slow down it will become easier to recognise your thoughts for what they actually are.

Start today

Psychology and Science of Sex

If you mention the word sex depending on you are speaking to and the occasion there will be many varied responses. Religious, cultural and educational systems often determine our beliefs about the subject. On top of that( no pun intended) our experiences will have an influence about how we feel about the subject. Before I go any further a person sexual orientation is a very private affair and I respect that fact.

The facts of life was the subject taught at school which was a source of embarrassment for many. The fact is without sex the human species would die and from a biological perspective as it is natural function of life. Now imagine going back over a 100 years ago to the outspoken Sigmund Freud concepts on Psychosexual Stages of Development would of been shocking to many. I Remember reading about his ideas a while ago and my parents would of been shocked and they are from the hippy sexual liberation generation.

My quest through this simple blog:is there a correlation between today’s Psychology and science on sex. Being a widower now for 3 years I know both sides of the story raising 4 children and enjoying intimacy to being the single guy again. I know that one of the 4 noble truths of Buddhism is “ In Buddhism, desire and ignorance lie at the root of suffering. By desire, Buddhists refer to craving pleasure, material goods, and immortality, all of which are wants that can never be satisfied.” The Roman Catholic Church say sex is the original sin. According to one article the Nigerians and Mexicans have the best sex life. The article says that Japan are very disappointed about thier sex life. As you see there are very different views and feelings about the subject.

From a Psychological perspective it’s very difficult to explain the vast data of individual personal characteristics from hidden bias and many more inferences to explain a personal sexual perception.

The science shows that male and female brain circuits are very different. The emotional circuits and drives are different but not always stereotype in every case. There is very in-depth study comparing Sigmund theories against sexual drives from a functional neuroimaging perspective. Again there is a huge amount of data needed to explain in depth.

The science of being in love and the sexual activity is a chemical and hormonal activity in the brain. Roxy music wrote the song love is a drug and the euphoria experience in romantic and sexual activity is the brain signals to reward the body. In essence this is essential or the human species probably reduce considerably. The pathways or patterns in the brain determines behaviour which will include sexual activity.

In conclusion in this very brief blog is sex important? Our psychological and biological references will determine our sex lives.

Here are a few reasons why sex is beneficial

1 Boost immune system

2 Lowers blood pressure

3 Reduces stress

4 Sleep improves

5 Strengthen social brain connections

6 Regenerates vitality

7 Improves brain power and memories

8 Improves moods which leads to better relationships

9 Good for the heart and cardiovascular system

10 The survival of the human species

Resources to Max your day and brain

Time to learn is easy

I am passionate about learning, I can never get enough . I feel like a curious child with the questions:why? Where? When? How? etc. I am so grateful for living today in this technology era where learning has accelerated with just a touch of a button.

The resources available are phenomenon with a variety of subjects to investigate and explore. You may have information overload or a glut of non sequential material that can rob your time and resources. Through experience I have discovered that if you are not careful you can be hooked by emotional conditioning to a product enticing you at the push of a button to pay for a course , app , or another product. Then learn it is free or it was not what you wanted.

The other constraints most people have is, time which becomes a stress to learning rather than enjoying the learning process. Here are a few tips I have learnt which may be helpful in your continued learning.

Tomorrow starts today when you go to bed

1 Plan 3 activities in your mind just before you sleep in preparation next day

This primes your brain to focus ahead as a mental alarm for the next day. The idea of 3 things is achievable then it is not a stress and easy to remember and do. Start with 3 small ideas of learning or exploring,its not size it’s the consistency that counts.

Wake embrace the day with gratitude let the mind breathe.

2 Avoid the habit of time wasting the instant you wake up by social media etc with electronic devices.

When you wake spend a few moments of your priorities for the day work , children go school , shopping. Essential activities plan your day in your mind slowly no anxiety of time. Remember the 3 learning opportunities for that day.

3 Combine two activities at once Max time.

The brain can’t multitask effectively but there is a clever ways to use time more effectively in the day. For example when you are eating your breakfast unless you use this time for mindfulness do 2 activities. When you sit down to eat breakfast as I have mentioned in a previous post watch a inspirational talk or video on YouTube. Or you can use this time for a similar learning opportunity.

Breakfast time
Travel and learn

4 Travel and learn

On the commute to work is an excellent way to learn. Audio books , blinklist and podcasts. This is great way start conversations at work or create new ideas to improve productivity.

5 learn and burn

I am a great lover of the outdoors and thankfully I live in a beautiful part of the world. Exercise is important part of a healthy life style so use this opportunity to listen to some great authors or podcasts.

Learn and burn

6 leisure time learn what you are passionate about

Learn your passions

I have a lot of passions and interests so I never have time to get bored. I love wine and recently started to investigate the subject a little more. Decided to do a course from from computer even though learnt a little about the subject already and have done audio book course. Wow I loved it and how it was not a chore but a delight which I enjoyed during my leisure time.

7 Free webinars and conferences

Connecting to the experts

Surprised of the diversity of free webinars a great resource connecting to the experts and often a global community.

8 Holidays and travel

Take that book you always wanted read

What a great way to broaden your horizons having that well deserved break. The options are remarkable if you spend a little time planning your trips or even a holiday from home. Often there are local special events where you can learn from diversity of the community. Even you just want sit in the sun for a week why not buy that book about your favourite activities.

9 Less is more

Choose your OWN time zone

This post is not too encourage to be engulfed by learning every single moment to the exclusion of necessary activities. Idea is to be selective on your time and attention. Notifications, emails ,social media, news, can take away me time. Focus on what you want to learn and it want be a chore but a healthy habit with no effort. That degree or that course can wait priorities of family and Bussines are important. The secret to happiness is being authentic and balanced.

10 Meditation and self awareness is the best way to learn

Learn about yourself

Being totally present with self and others takes discpline Healthy lifestyle is allowing the brain to focus and process information. Meditation is excellent tool to learn about yourself and reduce stress which inhibits learning. Self awareness allows you to notice your intrinsic needs and the needs of others which is the most important part of learning.

The forgotten son

Melancholy Musketeer part 3

Never judge another’s pain

Several days have passed since the 3 musketeers met at the Bugeaud the home of Athos noble friend. The musketeers heard news that Athos would be arriving shortly to be with them. Porthos summoned D’artagnan and Aramis to met quickly to discuss a strategy to help Athos seek revenge of the red dragon Cardinal Richelieu. They gathered in a secluded room of the Bugeaud in anticipation of thier dear friend Athos. After a lively debate on what to do the musketeers heard a servant run down the corridor towards thier room. A loud knock on the door stopped the musketeers in thier discussion “ Come in please my dear fellow” said Porthos who was always a gentleman to the people” Excuse me sirs , your Lord Athos has arrived”.
“How is he?” said D’artagnan enthusiastically but with caution as he paused… Aramis said in a nonchalant manner” He is alive , how else could he come to visit us?” Porthos spoke up in an emphatic tone “ we have to put our feelings and ideas to one side now and listen very carefully to Athos and be there for him, after he is human like the rest of us”.

Foot steps could be heard in the distance of someone who was walking rather slowly. Porthos walked towards the door and enquired if it was Athos walking down the corridor. As he glanced down the hallway he noticed Athos shoulders were sloping and his head was stooped forward with his eyes not looking straight ahead. Porthos could feel the atmosphere that something was wrong but he contained his emotions. “Athos it is great to see you are alive and well. I will tell your friends D’artagnan and Aramis you are here”. Porthos walked back into the room and confirmed that Athos has arrived.” Remember musketeer don’t jump to any conclusion let’s just listen to Athos story”.

Athos eventually came into the room but he looked different. The musketeers saw the body of Athos but it was a different person inside his soul. There was a silence in the atmosphere as the musketeers looked with pity on thier once brave and victorious friend. D’artagnan spoke first and said “ I am so happy you are alive and you are here with us today. Can I get you anything Athos , some food or a drink?” Athos looked up at him with a tear in his eye as a father would to his loving son. Athos shook his head and his expression of sorrow said it all as another tear dripped down upon his face. Aramis knew Athos longer than the other two musketeers and never seen him like this before. He knew something had happened to his dear friend this time which was different.

They all sat down together in a somber atmosphere. Porthos could feel Athos pain in his heart and noticing Athos never had direct eye contact with anyone. It looked like he was hiding something from his close friends. Aramis could sense a shroud of shame covering his friend persona but wasn’t sure what it was. Aramis relationship with Athos goes back along way in time. He could remember the high and low times of Athos life. The excitement they shared in fighting against thier enemies and the sad losses they shared. He remembered the time Athos lost his brother to his vindictive wife Milady de Winter. Athos was never the same after that devastating event with a whirl wind of emotions that engulfed his valiant armour of manliness. The intoxication of love was devoured by the storm of deceit and betrayal in an instance. Aramis never seen a solider so strong fall to the depths of melancholy through the days, then the months and years of turmoil. His rage and anger gave him the energy to face the fight to the death with no retreat of cowardly behaviour of his sword encounters with villains . After 3 years of internal conflicts Athos saw the light of day with new horizons and adventures ahead. But this time it was different, the resilience of a bear fighting for its cubs has faded again with a sense of loss and shame.

Aramis looked at his friend Athos and said “ what is on your mind Athos?”….
There was a long pause and Athos raised his head slowly and looked at Athos and he said in a child’s voice “it was me, I did it” he started to tremble with disgust on his face. I couldn’t take it anymore , my misery was embracing me more and more then..” He broke down and sobbed uncontrollably with the floodgates of heavens open with a torrential release of emotional pain. The other musketeers didn’t say a word but all could see there hero of a friend in a new light. He was always so strong and determined to fight his hidden pain drowning his sorrows with the liqueur of love and alcohol. The cascade of emotion filled the room as it touched the hearts of his friends and they too started to feel the tears and pain enveloping thier bodies. The inner voices of his closest companions wanted to say something but new it was time for Athos to release his tortured soul despite how difficult it would be for them not to rescue him from his grief.

After many minutes of mourning Athos looked at his dearest friend D’artagnan and said “ he was just like you” then he started to cry again. In between his tears and mourning Athos mumbled a few more words “he is….” The musketeers couldn’t understand what Athos said because of his sorrow and shame. He spoke the first few words in sorrow but the last few words so quietly as he was trying to hide what he wanted to say. Porthos was the most attuned musketeer he always listened to not just the words but how it was said and with the animation or lack of in the narrative. Porthos waited until it was silent again and sensed Athos was ready to engage.” You said he is … we didn’t quite hear the last few words Athos. Please can you tell us what you wanted say again.” Athos looked straight at Porthos and shouted at him in anger and disgust” he is BLOODY DEAD”. Porthos didn’t react to Athos anger even though he could feel it running through the atmosphere. He waited for a claim moment and said to Athos “who is dead?”. Athos raised his arms to the ceiling as he was talking to God and another tsunami of emotion rushed into the room “ my son , he is dead”. As he spoke those words he screamed as though he was just been thrust through his heart with the blood of his soul escaping along the deep cave of no return.

The 3 musketeers were in shock because they never knew he had a son. Now at this critical time in Athos life his friends didn’t know what to say. They had some many questions inside thier minds about this new piece of information but kept the questions to themselves at this crucial time. Aramis looked at his friends with an intriguing face as to say to them with visual contact did you hear what Athos said he had a son. Aramis looked at Athos and said to his fellow musketeer “thank you for sharing this devastating news with us today. It took courage and bravery to come here and to disclose this unfortunate event in your life, I mean the death of your son. Do you want to talk about him today?” Athos looked at him as a frightened child not sure what to say. He always trusted Aramis because he was honest when he needed to be with him. But there was an hesitation from the now childlike musketeer” I’m too frightened and ashamed “ then he started to shiver in fear. The other musketeers never seen this child part of Athos which has been lurking in the shadows of his soul. Porthos looked at Aramis to say visually can I say something now. Porthos had a warm tender voice because he understood the feelings of a man and the feelings of a child he was very aware of people different states. He could comfort you with his warm face and embracing body language then with his authentic words of reassurance. “ Don’t be frightened Athos we want judge you… Please talk to us and nobody is going hear about this conversation I promise you”. Athos looked at Porthos like a timid child would do to a loving and kind father. Athos said quietly and slowly “ it is the grandson of Cardinal Richelieu,I never new the mother real name. She told me that her father was an important man who was always working. I fell in love with her immediately, she was like a flower in a meadow with her shining smile which was so irresistible. I used to call her my Italian flower , I think her name was Catherine. We had a secret rendezvous which only lasted a few weeks , I remember the embrace of her sweet kiss on my lips as we became intoxicated with each other under the moonlight. Then Athos demeanour change with a glow of passion in his eyes as he recounted his story.

Cardinal Richelieu was ordained as a bishop at the young age of 21 in Italy and had an affair with one of the daughters of the Medici family at that time. She secretly had the Cardinal child a daughter came to live in Paris with her father Cardinal Richelieu who secretly disguised her as a servant.

D’artagnan was amazed by the uncovering of this news of Athos who kept this secret news of his love affair. D’Artagnan was impetuous and wanted to know more about this lost son of Athos. D’Artagnan knew that Athos started to bear his soul to his closest friends and was waiting for the right moment to ask one of the million questions in his young fertile mind. Despite his eagerness to investigate more about Athos pain and shame he held back his inner drive to plunge into Athos fragile state. D’artagnan asked the question they all wanted know “ how long have you known about your son?”. Athos was now beginning to compose himself back to his manly state.” I found out about 6 months ago at a party with friends. Someone told me a young man called Blaise was looking for a musketeer who was excellent with the sword but also knew he was valiant and brave.
Aramis said “ you are saying that your son was looking for you? Was this first time you knew about having a son?” Athos replied quickly “ of course , I didn’t believe the rumour , I thought it was another plot against me”. Athos continued angrily the Cardinal Richelieu knew about him all the time but forced his daughter to keep it from me or he would kill the boy and her”. Porthos now said”it must of been devastating news that your son which you only new for a short time had died. Do you want to explain what happened to him or shall we talk about it another time?” Athos started to cry again and was so angry at the same time becoming very violent” I couldn’t save him , I was there fighting and trying to stop the bastards but there too many and they killed him. I managed to get away a hid in my room. I couldn’t take the pain anymore of losing my only son so I decided to kill myself. That’s when D’artagnan found me lying on my bedroom floor with my dagger next to me.”

to be continued

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Happiness what is the secret?

An extract from my forth coming book in draft form “what are you afraid of?

Joy , happiness, pleasure , bliss , euphoria are just a few ideas of what we all want in life. The subject of happiness is so subjected to each person experiences. We may love the idea of being in perpetual happiness, ignorant of all pain and aversion to sadness. Longing for utopia is unrealistic expectation because awareness helps us navigate our feelings and those around us. Writing this reminds me of a child with thier toy box playing quietly and happily in the corner. Then all of a sudden the older sibling comes along and disturbs the serenity of the child’s peace. The older child takes the toys away and the natural reaction from the young child is a emotional response. The child Cries out or stands it ground and takes back the toys in anger. The issue by the two siblings has raised an alarm to the caregivers and they come and investigate the situation. In life we will meet challenges that will effect our emotional states. By acknowledging them and identifying with them will be the cues for the right navigation by the choices we make rather than suppressing them or ignoring them.

Examining the science of joy can help us understand what is happening with our mental states in an organic way. At this point a lot of us probably experienced emotional highs from sex, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, retail therapy, adrenaline sports etc. If we can tap into the resource naturally it will revive our emotional state like a seed planted for the future crop of contentment,satisfaction and pleasure that will last longer than a spike in our happiness by temporary highs that can’t be sustainable.

The science of being happy is occurring in the brain by chemical reactions. The chemicals dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins are few of the neurotransmitters in the body. They all have specific functions to motivate, reward, intentions, memory , learning and regulate our emotive states. The chemicals messengers have many more duties in the body through the various body systems. When the senses are engaged in positive activities the neuro circuits and pathways in the brain are being fired and linked to previous routes . Another factor to consider regarding our happiness is our disposition and genetics we have inherited from our ancestors and environment. The science of happiness is not a one word fix or a catch phrase because there are many facets to the complexity of the science , psychology and physiology of this optimum state we want.

There are many practical ways to improve our mental state to a more positive joyful orientation that will lead to happiness. By changing the chemistry in our brain is one great way to feel good and experience greater contentment and satisfaction. Our lifestyle is one important ingredient that can improve and revive our happiness state. By identifying areas for improvement and facilitate growth for the seed of joy to expand and flourish in the future.

Here are a few simple suggestions below with easy to read articles click function available . I have read many books exploring the subject in greater clarity which I can recommend.

1 Regular aerobic exercise.

2 Nutrition.

3 Have enough sleep.

4 Correct breathing.

5 Being creative.

6 Continued learning.

7 Find your purpose on this planet.

8 Meaningful relationships.

This list is not exhaustive but by experimenting and exploring what makes you tick can enrich your happiness now and the future.