One easy trick to start your day and get motivated when you don’t feel like it.

How to get started

Motivation is sometimes hard to get your brain in gear let alone your body up and running. Here is one easy trick to kick start your day when you don’t feel like. You may feel tired or you may feel sad or just not in the mood. In therapy one tool we use is CBT which basically means change your thoughts then your feelings which will lead to actions. One easy way is to watch a YouTube inspirational video. You could even listen to one as the same time getting ready for work or eating your breakfast.

After some time you will discover your own personal favourites and become attached to videos. One of my favourite inspirational speakers is Jim Rohn who died in 2009 but his philosophies still live on. For me it’s like listening to an old friend and after listening for 10 or 20 minutes my mindset has gone up a gear. Below is a sample of his simple logic to inspire you please enjoy the company of this great friendly man.

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